Auto Adventure Bot for Twilight Heroes

PFE: We're sorry for the inconvenience.

*NOTICE*: Until I fix a particular error in how non-combats are handled, adventuring in the castle (and any other zone with more than 1 multi-choice, or more/less than 3 choices) will cause you to LOSE TURNS AND NOT GET ANYTHING FOR IT. I suggest not adventuring in the castle for that reason, or in the cube if you're looking for the UR.


(Note: At the cube, the option 2 is chips, 3 is xp)
Automatically level up if possible?

Minimum Allowed HP:%
(The bot will heal at this percentage of HP after combat, and will also try to heal after death)

Attack with skill:

PP Restore:

Minimum Allowed PP:%
(The bot will restore at this percentage of PP after combat)

Burn PP skill/buff:
Burn PP percentage: % down to %
(this will cast the skill/buff you choose from the first percentage down to the second percentage, and takes lowest priority below HP/PP regen)

Buff Package from PFE Buffbots:
(Buffs last 300-450 minutes each, depending on the buff, or 60-90 turns, at five minutes per turn.)
Number of Packs: